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ACTIVITY PLAN 2009 - 2012

The Interim Executive Committee will pursue the following activities in the period 2009 – 2012:

Activity 1 – Finalize the Chapter’s Strategic Plan

The Chapter needs a strategic approach to its activities. A well formulated strategic plan will also guide the Chapter it its future endeavours. The strategic plan will also help the Chapter to solicit for financial and technical support from various stakeholders and partners. Preliminary work on the Chapters Strategic Plan began in May 2009 and there is an urgent need to finalise the document.

  • Key Deliverables: IAALD Africa Chapter Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015 document.

Activity 2 – Training Plan

IAALD Africa Chapter should be implementing and facilitating capacity development activities, especially training programmes, targeting its members. In this regard, it is important that the Chapter identifies the members’ capacity training needs and develops a sustainable training plan based on the identified needs.

  • Key Deliverables: IAALD Africa Chapter Training Plan 2010 - 2012.

Activity 3 – Advocacy Strategy for Opening Access to AR4D Information and Knowledge

The Second IAALD Africa Chapter conference, held in July 2009 in Accra, Ghana, recommended that the Chapter should develop advocacy tools for use by its members in advocating for making agricultural research for development (AR4D) information publicly available and accessible to all. Chapter members need to agree on the key elements of the advocacy strategy, the activities to be implemented and the tools to be used.

  • Key Deliverables: IAALD Africa Chapter Advocacy Strategy for OA & OA Advocacy Materials.

Activity 4 – Amend the Chapter By-Laws

The Chapter is governed by its By-Laws adopted on 4 December 2008. During the Chapter’s General Council meeting held in Accra, Ghana on 17 July 2009 at M Plaza Hotel, it was noted that the By-Laws were silent on a number of issues, among them the electoral process for the Executive Committee members. The General Council agreed to review and the By-laws and proposed appropriate amendments to the members.

  • Key Deliverables: Amended IAALD Africa Chapter By-Laws.

Activity 5 – Membership Recruitment Plan

The Chapter needs to increase its membership levels. There are people involved in agricultural information and knowledge activities on the continent who may not have heard about the Chapter and its activities. These need to be targeted. In addition, individuals that have not renewed their membership need also to be targeted.

  • Key Deliverables: IAALD Africa Chapter Membership Recruitment Plan 2010 – 2012.

Activity 6 – Preparations for the 3rd Conference of the Chapter

The Third Conference of the Chapter has been proposed for 2012 to be held in South Africa. The Conference will be hosted by ITOCA. Planning for the conference should start as soon as possible.

  • Key Deliverables: 3rd IAALD Africa Chapter Conference held in 2012.